Rasha Aires Pendant


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This Kathara Pendant is the most powerful we have in store. Fused in with the Hydrolase Ra-Sha Code this pendant is a beautiful precious piece of Art that benefits your wellbeing.

Truly incredible.

What It Does
• The microprocessor modulates chaotic EMR, transforming the waves and creating a coherent EMF similar to our biological radiation

• It does not block the radiation but restructures it to neutralize any physiological impact

• Any EMR waves that pass through the effective range mimic the modulated EMF created by the product
How It Works, Technically

• The microprocessor is composed of nearly 1.2 million microscopic etchings that create a circular lattice to diffract the EMR waves

• The outer, gold antenna captures the energy from surrounding EMF to power the passive microprocessor

• Manufactured with state of the art microlithography equipment.

Passive microprocessor – the microprocessor is only charged when the attached antenna is brought close to a source of EMF. Think of a credit card chip, how it remains idle until it is near the computer, the microprocessor works the same.

Circular Lattice – the inside of the microprocessor contains up to 1.2 million circular etchings that intersect, creating a geometric pattern that diffracts EMF waves. Think of it like a maze for the energy to flow through.


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