As a child who spent many of my days living within the Amazon region of the
Vacha & Kuh-Yanas, my first lessons in life were understanding our intrinsic connection to nature. Remembering divinity while embodying the blue print of my krystalline memory banks.

Moving into adulthood my divine spark progressed exponentially with the guidance of my Avatar Buddhaic blueprint. I, My Ahamkara, identity unit practiced and studied many forms of martial arts, medicine, meditation, dance and yoga to name a few to perfection.

It was during this time that I experienced a second birth at the age of 24 which resulted in a huge kundalini plasma awakening I had to integrate in 7 years of intense service and training. During these times I would frequently transition in between my different density spheres, as I was encapsulated in an accelerated state of wisdom learning.

My reintegration with normal human affairs started when I was 33 and conceived my first son, Rah, I then dedicated most of my life to my family and community life, living as simple as possible in coherence with nature. I have spent most of my life in service to public health and environmental wellbeing, training future leaders and Avatars through personal apprenticeship programs.


I offer deep profound guidance based on the wisdom accumulated through many life times and direct cognition. My Siddhi of beautification can gradually enhance the talents of my students to their highest possibilities. My gifts are to enhance and catalyze personal growth and transformation also known as the art of transfiguration.

I use as a foundation four wheels of Avatar Yoga

  • Jnana, which is the art of realizing knowledge resulting in wisdom. (Advanced Plasma Pre-deluvian Physics, Bio-regenisis, Root History, Alkhemy, Medicine & Engineering)
  • Bhakti, which is the devotional ceremonial aspect based on the full spectrum of Nature (NTR)
  • Kriya, which teaches practices to gain peaceful mastery over the internal energetic gifts and elemental realms. (Pranayama with base 12, 144 periodic elementals. Holographic Sensory abilities, Siddhi Cultivation)
  • Karma, which creates action based conscious practice with all the fused integration of the above.


The core of my work is to support and assist wellbeing and the process of transfiguration. Physical integrated enlightenment.
I work with motivated dedicated individuals on the Path who are willing and courageous to enhance their lives, for some starting with healing yet ultimately enhancing what is beyond.

One must be ready and responsible to work on the evolution of the self and our environment with the dedication of an Avatar.