Healing Sessions

All healing sessions are very personalized and unique, no treatment will be same. Below you will find a brief description of modalities and tools Siddartha has in his medicinal toolkit:

  • Siddha Ayurveda
  • Siddha Acupuncture
  • Siddha Herbalism
  • Siddha Alchemy
  • KaThaRa Divine blue print re-genesis
  • Siddha Tantri-Ahura body work

Our enhancing treatments create profound results for recovery and regeneration on many levels. Miraculous healing results as you feel lighter, more balanced and deeply embodied into your rejuvenated and newly aligned state of health, experiencing a rebirth and initiation into a newer and upgraded version of yourself.

Siddha Medicine


Indulge in the experience of Siddha bodywork one of the most perfected styles available to shape your body to its highest potential. Deep Tissue, Tapping, Stretches, Acupressure, Reflexology, Organ Massage or Simply Nourishing soothing sensual healing touch. Siddha Bodywork with the most refined art to enhance, heal, balance, revitalize and regenerate your divine vessel. 

Siddha Ayurveda & Herbalism

Using specially selected herbs, herbal tinctures, essential oils and medicinal resins to assist healing. We use our own unique alchemy of herbal medicine, that can not be found elsewhere, to balance your bio energy, allowing energy obstructions to dissolve and the restoring the natural flow of your being.

Siddha Mantra Sound Healing

Powerful healing mantra chants during the healing sessions to clear impurities from your energy field. They assist to heal mental, emotional and physical traumas, reconnecting us with our inner-self and clearing the path for transformation.

Siddha KaThaRa Bio-Spiritual Healing

Kathara Healing is probably the most advanced healing art in our current age and achieves the best permanent results in healing experiences. It requires deep understanding of the bio-spiritual blueprint of nature and anatomy of the subtle bodies.

Health Coaching

Health Consultation & coaching

Deep inspirational guidance to give you clarity into you current state of being, providing essentials about health management & practical solutions. Expert advice on effective treatment, lifestyle, nutrition & deeper inner-standing.

Gentle Healing 

 Gentle Session 1,5hr (Contact)

A healing journey with relevant healing modalities. Includes a health consultation. Siddha body work with ayurvedic medicinal herbal oils, acupuncture (optional) and purification of the energy body.
This session will assist healing and alignment that is moderate in intensity.

Deep Healing

Deep Session 2hrs+

The Deep Healing session is the most powerful healing transformation service we provide, giving you the maximum catalyst for healing regeneration that can be achieved in your present condition and remarkably speeds up recovery. The treatment consists of many layers of Purification, Siddha Herbalism, Siddha Body work and Siddha Healing Arts.

It is said to be received as a very powerful miraculous transformative healing experience!


AVATAR Apprenticeships & Siddha Yoga Training

Are you interested in profound personal guidance to deepen your Path and enhance your Avatar? Please contact us for more information on the most Advanced Yogic Practices and Avatar apprenticeships.


“Just by meeting Siddhartha, you know… you know that he has embarked a great conscious journey – he is emanating Great Wisdom. The type of knowledge in action that is hidden behind the curtains of culture and traditions. Simple, practical and impact full!

I had a Deep Healing Session and I would definitely recommend to humans seriously involved in their heart & conscious development. This wisdom from one session will impact you for years to come. It’s well investing energy.

Alexis Terrée

Service Design & Innovation coach

“Siddhartha’s sessions have profoundly impacted my health and growth in a beautiful and very tangible way. He facilitated an enormous shift for me, involving physical and energetic releases and realignment.

This shift was a major turning-point in my life, having helped me to begin releasing what was holding me back and start moving forward anew. I left my first session feeling so much lighter and experiencing the world more vividly, as if a fog and weight had been lifted from my body and mind.

The experiences in sessions, in addition to the knowledge Siddhartha shared, radically transformed how I see the world and my place in it, and provided me with tools to help keep growing myself. Working with Siddhartha was a deeply healing and eye-opening experience that I recommend to anyone and everyone who is open to it.”

Kara Hawkins

Yoga Instructor